Tuesday, March 2, 2010

3210 - sub*text

Okay boys, here it is, the countdown day, a perfect day to start a new venture.

This is sub*text, a literary adventure which will propel us all to fame and fortune. I have never found a lit mag or zine that really was doing what I think it should be, so here I am attempting to create one with the people I think most qualified to do something awesome and new.

Everyone needs to get me one piece by 3-21-10 to prepare for a 4-20-10 release date. Anything you think is a good example of your work, and please let anyone who you think would be a good fit to contribute as well. Mostly we have writers up in here, so artists would be welcomed.

I'll have the pieces up on sub*text and feature one a week on sub*text Saturdays on the Write Club blog, which will hopefully have a relaunch in the next few weeks by our new web designer, Ron Greer, the current lead singer of the Dead Kennedys. I want sub*text Saturdays to be the Alternative Nation/120 Minutes of lit blogs.

After we launch the first one I want to have the blog updated regularly with articles on the more bizarre and out there fiction, film, music, etc. Anything as long as it inspires you, tickles your fancy, gets up in your cranium.

This is the new scene and it starts now, here with us.

You have 19 days to write, edit, draw, paint, network, or whatever you need to do, but get me something by that date or earlier.



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