Monday, December 21, 2009

DeadBeat Outline/Notes

Plain clothes police detective
70's grindhouse police show
Horror science-fiction occult

Intro. Chase. Bust. Odd situations. Action shots. 
Cast shots. Cop. Partner. Informant. Chief.

Routine. Working w/criminals.
Hitmen (twist: mistaken ID)
Criminal mashup
Witness Protection.

The worst cop. Flawed. Lazy. On the take, sucked in by the LA lifestyle.

Deadbeat junkie detective.
Techno Occult Geek.
Tattoo shop sister.
Morgue nerd.
Undercover Detective Hottie.

Crime scene. Dead body.
New drug being sold by club owner. New undercover chick needs help, police force on the take, goes to former officer working the case, club owner tracks her down, kills the deadbeat, takes the girl.

Club owner badguy.
Thug bodyguard bouncer.
Corrupt cops.

Supplied by the bigbad. Cain. Immortal maker of monsters.

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