Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Secret Invasion 3

Nick Fury cleans house with his commandos, evacs the Young Avengers, kills many Skrulls, and shoots Ms. Marvel leaving her behind.

Queen Anelle as Spider-Woman still pushes Tony Stark to believe he's a Skrull, Black Widow shows up, chases her off, gets Tony on his feet, kills the retro Phoenix & Beast (Skrulls), and shoots Wolverine (real one).

Reed is revealed to be experimented upon aboard a Skrull ship, Agent Brand sneaks aboard, sees the whole plan.

The Hood and supervillain crew decide to get involved, Thor shows up and fries a bunch of Super Skrulls, and Cap (Bucky) looks on from afar.

Elektra's backstory is revealed as first an Elektra Skrull comes to kill and replace her and fails, then a DD & Wolvie mutant mash-up super Skrull duo try and get killed, then finally a fourth one kills(?) her, replaces her, fights the Hand leader and wrests control of the Hand away from Hydra.

The Initiative shows 3D Man, still confused from the reversed polarity of his Skrull detecting goggles, seeing everyone at Camp Hammond as a Skrull (except Crusader, who is a Skrull) and so he flies off and crashes in New Mexico when the Stark system is infected with a virus. We also see the Skrull backstory to Crusader as the Initiative fly into Times Square for the fight.

Hercules & the God Squad face the destroyed panthenons of nearly 1000 cultures, as Amadeus Cho's pup sabotages their ship (the puppy was a Skrull? Why not?) Snowbird seems to sacrifice herself and they head to face the two main Skrull gods. Also, Herc & Snowbird did it before all this.

Then we get a glimpse of the Skrulls that were disguised as the old school heroes that crash landed in the Savage Land. Particularly Captain America as Ka-Zar's savage flunkies take him down with some poisonous blowdarts.

The New Warriors do some lame stuff as they sit in a diner as the Invasion begins, go back to HQ, then run off after their leader Night Thrasher (long story). Then the old New Warriors fight the New New Warriors. Overall it is lame and hardly worth a mention.

X-Factor & She-Hulk, same deal. Longshot's a Skrull, with some guy Darwin (some mutant evolver), and She-Hulk and her Skrull partner Jazinda (daughter of Super Skrull) fight X-Factor as they try and kill Longshot who is really the talisman, a Skrull beacon of righteousness. Bleh.

In a stand-alone book called Skrulls! we get a full breakdown of the order of events. The Illuminati come and start some static with the Skrullys. Emperor Dorrek was proud, ignored the Holy Text of the First One, which Princess Veranke held in firm belief. When the empire was destroyed in Annihilation they turned to her, and using Dorrek's plan, the science of Tarnax X, planned the Invasion.

Princess Anelle. Peace-loving. Fell in love with Mar-Vell. Bore his child, Hulkling. Killed by Galactus consuming Throneworld.

Skrulls created Cosmic Cubes. Semi-sentient energy from "The Beyonders" race. Shaper of Worlds evolved from first cube after it destroyed two-thirds of Empire. Mentored Glorian and Kubik (a cosmic cube raised on Earth), who in turn mentored Kosmos, the composite cube made up of Beyonder & Molecule Man.

SL'Gur't & KLy'Bn. Skrull War God.

Super Skrull. K'Lrt.

My god the list of Skrull appearances are endless and I can't even imagine the Marvel Employee aka uber-fanboy, who compiled this list. It is exhaustive and well recorded. Bravo on giving us all the info Marvel.

The Skrull Captain Marvel wants to be a good guy but also wants to be a Skrull, so what does he do but crash Thunderbolt Mountain where badguys are pretending to be good guys. As the team there is falling apart, Cap shows up and wrecks house, but can't kill them all. Norman negotiates.

Captain Britain kills the magic super Skrull, frees magic, helps a new healer chick save Black Knight's life, Skrull John Lennon is killed and Satannish is set free. Wisdom gets one wish and says "No More Skrulls" and all of the ones in Britain die instantly and any one trying to get in as well. Cap sticks Excalibur into stone again and new chick healer picks it up. Best of the series I've read so far.

Black Panther has a strategic plan to fight the Skrulls. In true military fashion they take each other's weapons systems out, then their power, leaving them to fight it out on the plains blade to blade. Great issue with nice art.

Ms. Marvel wrecks house, tried to get in Stark Tower, fails, goes with Agent Sum to the Raft. She's insanely brutal.

Torch and Lyja share a moment, she stays behind in Negative Zone. Ben busts into the Negative Zone prison "Fantasy Island" and rescues the Tinkerer and the kids Val & Franklin convince him to help return them home. They appear in a destroyed NYC.

Ben Urich is in a hospital as he chronicles the Invasion from the average person's POV. A cop, a doctor, a business man, all trapped somewhere with a homicidal skrull. Also a cab driver's take on the Times Square Invasion.

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