Monday, July 20, 2009

Human/Technology Notes

Ray Kurzweil
Human brain understanding at the same time as computers equal their processing
Singularity - 2029

Brain as last frontier.
Pioneers of neuroscience
Brain surgeon explorers

Brain electricity firing same as computer language
Locked in syndrome - paralyzed, brain okay
Hugo De Garis - artificial brains
Artificial intellects - godlike
Artillects & Gigadeath

1978 Chicago bomb, Unibomber
FC - free collective - Freedom Club
35,000 word manifesto
Ted Kazinski, Montana
Math Professor

Funds risky projects, longshots

Quantum Computer
Cooled with liquid helium
Computing power of atoms

Quantum mechanics
Atoms can be 0/1
This/That x 1,000,000
Tapping into the fractal

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