Thursday, June 25, 2009

Zen Noir Notes

Mirror, introspection, lit matchhead.
A dream, memory, a phone rings.
Whiskey, fedora, revolver.
Lost love, memory, secrets.
Circle, orange, bowl.
Four monks, AUM, death.

Always a guilty party. Somebody died, somebody did it. Bald.

Identity. Name. Action.
Confusion. Seduction. Silence.
Ocean. Female. Birth.

Motive. Reason. Persona.
Job. Sexuality. Enigma.
Tea. Women. Oranges.

Accusation. Gripe. Admission.
Death state. Unexpected. Meditation.
Emotion. Psychology. Acceptance.

Flowers. Truth. Reality.
Seeking. Dream. Hope.
Tears. Anger. Eyes.

Notes. Clutter. Questions.
Time. Death. Enlightenment.
Self-evaluation. Mystery. Answers.

Dark. Shadows. Night.
Suicide. Changing forms. Fire.
Loss. Suffering. Mystery.

By solving mysteries, we solve ourselves, question ourselves. Seeing ourselves in others, others in ourselves, and mankind as a whole. Patience and experience combine to create enlightenment.

Tea, cup, drink.


Abuse. Pain. Escape.
Thought. Feelings. Trap.
Step, breathe in, step, breathe out.
Walking, breathing, living.

AUM - internal, rising, external, silence.

Answer own questions, exchange roles.
Why do people die?
Sometimes it just happens.

Nun, none, zero
Orgasm, death, spent energy
Transformation of self

Identity. Question/Answer.
All problems stem from inability to sit quiet alone in a room. Alone with oneself. Abandonment. Still my mind. The me behind me. Which is real?

Solve mystery. Fulfillment of purpose. Choose and do.

Acceptance of death. Acceptance of life. Acceptance of Loss. Identity as individual, identity as human. How are we different, how are we the same. Identity as nature. Consuming life, processing death, transforming matter. Life of nature to end, body of nature to decay, love of nature to change.

Orange as sum total of universe. All things working together to produce every single piece of matter.

Release things that are beyond your control. Live truly in the moment. Affect now what is here.

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