Monday, June 15, 2009

Hell Notes

9 Circles of Hell
Recognition and rejection of Sin.
35 years old, half of Biblical age 70.
Lion, leopard & she-wolf.
Sun behind mountain, right path, salvation.
Poetic justice punishment.
3 sins: self-indulgent, violent, and malicious.
First 5 circles: self-indulgent
6&7: violent
8&9: malicious
Acheron: limbo - river, Charon ferryman
Self-interest: wasps or hornets/maggots
Purgatory: laboring to be free of their sins
Hell: justify their sins/unrepentant
None in Hell know of the present, only past/future.
Know nothing because of Final Judgement.

First Circle:
Unbaptized. Those who did not accept Christ and are not actively punished.

Limbo - Elysian Fields.

Second Circle & Beyond:
Judged by Minos, wraps his tail around himself a corresponding amount of times.
Incontinence, violence, fraud.
Inability to control natural urges

Second circle:
Lust: storm, blown to and fro, no respite

Third circle:
Cerebus guards the gluttons
Lie in freezing rain, slush, hail

Fourth circle:
Push rocks towards center, take rocks to their own.

Fifth circle:
Wrathful fight each other in river Styx.
Sullen/slothful lie beneath surface.

Beyond this is Dis
Guarded by Fallen Angels
Active rather than passive sins
Furies/Medusa vs Angel.

Sixth circle:
Heretics in flaming tombs.

Seventh circle:
Guarded by Minotaur
Three rings:
Outer - violent (boiling blood, centaurs firing arrows)
Middle - suicides (thorny bushes & trees harpies)
Inner - Violent against God, Nature & Order
Pain relief from suffering

Last two are for conscious treachery & fraud
Eighth circle:
Sheer cliff wall Geryon (winged monster)

Malebolge "evil pockets"
Ten stone pits connected by bridges
1: Panderers and seducers walking opposite paths while whipped by demons
2: Flatterers submerged in excrement
3: Simony (church buying) buried headfirst with flames on their feet
4: False prophets and sorcerors heads backwards, tears
5: Corrupt politicians boiling pitch.
Malebranche (evil claw) led by Malecoda (evil tail)
6: Broken bridge, hypocrites, gilded lead cloaks
7: Thieves, centaur, snake bites transformations
8: Fraudulent advisors individual flames
9: Sowers of discord, sword wielding demon
10: Falsifiers, alchemists, perjurers, disease
Every aspect of social interaction has been progressively destroyed.

Ninth circle:
Biblical & classical giants ring the ledge
Betrayers frozen in a lake of ice
Round 1: Caina - family
Round 2: Anternora - city
Round 3: Ptolomaea - guests
Round 4: Judecca - lords, benefactor

Treachery against God
3 faces: red, black, pale yellow
Devouring traitors, crying, mixed with blood
Brutus, Cassius, Judas

Climb down through Earth and come out the other side.

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