Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Book of 5 Cylinders

Book 1
Origin. What is a gunfighter? The different motivations of those that kill. Revenge, glory, honor, money, skill.
Earth, dirt, ground, grave, rock.

Book 2
Finding your way. Fighting for a cause. The duality of opposition. Water, rain, flood, cleansing, blood. Disillusionment.

Book 3
Hunter and hunted. Bandits, outlaws, thieves, mercenaries, assassins. Fire consuming all, purging the plains, ashes to ashes. Collateral damage. Youth.

Book 4
A test of skill among masters. The religion of gunfighting. Morality, code of ethics, belief, faith, sin. Disabling his greatest strength.

Book 5
Prodigy, son, pupil, evolution, death. Gunfighter is dead, mortally wounded, he recalls his story to the child he carried along with him. Teaches him to kill, then tells him why he should never kill again. Empty scabbard, way of the unclenched fist.

A story of a warrior that wants to show the world the futulity of killing. But we all must choose our own path, the story of father & son, teacher & student, what is learned and what must be ignored in order to truly live.

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