Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Comicbook Rockstar Battle Plan

New York Comicon is mere days away. Boston Scott will be here on Thursday. We hit up the Dave & Busters Pre-Con Partym drink overpriced, watered down booze and lay out the weekend's plan of attack.

Friday: Professionals Only in the AM so we make the rounds of publishers and see who we can touch base with to possibly make connections during the con.

Get tickets to Takashi Miike's new giant robot movie Yatterman. Essential.

Pow wow with Scott St. Pierre. Toss out ideas and brainstorm. This will later be the key event that changed destinies although it will just feel casual. Everyday.

Find out when Grant Morrison is accessible. Get the Flash pitch print into his hands. Tell him the reason you are able to function in this world is thanks to his work. Remind him of WizardWorld Philly when you met him wearing your homemade Flash hockey jersey. The same day you met Chris Chua.

Create a schedule to letter Liquid Fury. Get a new Mac laptop and check the computer at the studio. Layout the print on the reverse of the image Phil Hiliker who has drawn up the most kickass Flash pitch poster I could imagine.

Read last two Flash issues, the end of Countdown, get last two Final Crisis issues and read JSA Kingdom Come one-shots.

This is how it starts.


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