Sunday, December 21, 2008

Naked Lunch Notes

Red door 42
Exterminate all rational thought
Keruoac Ginsberg debate
Guilt vs Sin
Editing vs Stream of conciousness
Green door
Blue dress Joan
Shooting up
Literary high
Feel like a bug
Guys at exterminator
Coffee, alien guy
Fluoride stuff
Glasses guy
Green walls
Brown suits
Bring in roach/case manager
Clark Nova
12 mins in
Worked out
Cops extensions of Keruoac/Ginsberg
Future imposing itself on present
Obvious hallucination
Kill Joan
Enemy agent
Kills bug with shoe
Runs key in the door
Home Joan
Acknowledges hallucination
One last stash
Bug powder
Drawn to it
Sexuality of drugs
Lips kiss
Subway snatch
Lift lie centipedes
Telling stories
Drug lingo a friend
Black vs yellow
Centipede secret agent
The addict
Kick Score
Doctor Help
Believe his own cover story
Larval state
Foreign market
Hallucination jump
New Yorkers
Centipede on stick
Brown and blue
He's in Tan
Cries sobs uncontrollably
Ginsberg reading aloud
Keruoac Joan Fucking
Ginsberg hits on Bill
Arm vs Leg
William Tell
Shoots Joan Shot Glass
The moment that sets him off as a writer
Killing the feminine
Alone single pain regret
Causes writing
We create situations to gives us pain we turn into fiction
Bill leaves
Bar, homosexual Kiki
Doesn't finish sentence
Can't admit it
Sexual ambulance did you say?
Alien reptile
Mythic resonance
Hole in the forehead, sexualizing
InterZone ticket
Pawn shop
Gun for typewriter
Words as weapons
5 bullets
We see the reality
Ticket is drugs
Hangin man mugwump on his back
Agony symbiosis
Confession as distanced fiction
Story of Joan
Intiator Selling Black Meat
Backstory of the drug
Mixed with his life
New Yorks in arabic market
Slaughterhouse of giant centipede
Alone in his room
Hand signals for drugs
Purchasing agent
Room typewriter
Head back typewriter typing
Subconcious speaking
Roach Clark Nova
Hallucination carrying over into reality
Type out
Homosexuality is the best all around cover an agent can have
Trying to admit it to himself
Forceful massochism
Manly sexuality of power/domination
Asshole speaking
Denying self places blame on impure feelings morally and physically repulsive on body part
Blue brown
Reimagines Joan intellectually
Tom Frost
Young men
Kiki centipede
Blue darker hair up
Tan suit
Telepathic conversation
Murdered his wife
Tom as projection of himself
Slowly poisoning his wife
Admitting his flaws on Tom
Long hand Joan
Cloakey finds him on beach
O'Leary party
He left his conciousness to party
White suit light blue
Eve breakfast
A curse, been in our family for generations, the Lees have always been perverts. I'll never forget the unsepakable horror that frozew the lymphs in my glands when thee words seared my reeling brain. I was a homosexual. Was it possible I was one of those subhuman things? A wise old Queen taught me that I had a duty to burden for all to see.
Telling stories.
You sound as if you could use a drink.
Foot bruised from drugs
Sentence left off at confession
Centipede bathroom kill
Mirrors Joans breathing roach kill
Joan sleeveless plaid
Presuming he wants to sleep with people
Hans arrested and deported
Hash resin almond paste
Pretzel puzzle
Martin reaching out
Hank confession of addiction to imaginary substance
Two typewriters
Fractured soul
Clark Nova attacking Martinelli
Him smashing it
Enemy agent
Seduce Joan
The Almohades
Apt 4A brown wood door
Blue skirt
New York restuarant
Probably threw it on the floor
Hallucinations acknowledgement
Arabic typewriter
Sexualizing danger of writing
Hash paste erotica hair down
Sexualizing objects
Giving them sexual power
Instilling them with passion
Anus repeating poem
Sleeping with Ginsberg
Sexual torso beast
The spasmodic pulse after orgasm that reduces sex to bodies pure physical
Fedela comes and exorcises torso beast off railing
Superego imposing itself on sexual desires
Smashing typewriter
Tom &
Brown and Blue
Dressing excuses
Plant roots control voodoo Fedela
Festish body items
Black fedela
Joan leaves with her penance
Bill back to typing reports
Make sense of black drug
Pressed to his neck
Programmed to kill his wife
Fedela sent Joan to marry her
Unconcious agent is a faithful agent
Women aren't human
Different species
Tom gunpoint
Take Clark Nova
Give up run off
Martinelli rebuilt by Kiki
Sleeping on beach
Bag of drugs
Reality comes in
Keruoac and Ginsberg
Suitcase pillowcase duffel bag
Writing machine
Get book together
Finish the book
Naked Lunch
Keruaoc names book
Never saw the pages
Collosal con
A well organized cabal
Philosophy of drug use as it relates to artistic endevour
Last drug use
Leaving him at the bus stop
A different reality
All-American Interzone
America is not a young land
Stay until you finish the book
Real life and hallucination
Zone takes care of its own
Bus right to left blue and white
Drunk in alley crying
Kiki rebuilds typewriter
Vulnerable severed
Can't go home
Mugwump head new writing machine
Liquid phallic substitute
Functional writing hallucination
A hazardous trade
Giving yourself over to be a writer...
Mirror next assignment
Hungry for adventure
Seduce or otherwise compromise
Benway runs InterZone Inc
Black meat drug trade
Affectionate with Kiki
His sexual gay side
Wonderful car
Red powerful sexual
Kiki backseat on Bill's side
Did I ever tell you about the man who taught his asshole to talk?
Writing zone as he faces gay side
Balance between hallucination and reality
Corporate life in North africa
Red parrot
Aggressive sexual
Go see parrots
Gun typewriter Tom
Fourth Act
Clark Nova's dying words
Where's Joan Fedela
The dealer
All agents defect all resistors sells out
A writer lives the sad truth like anyone else, the only difference is he files a report on it.
Scarab to typewriter
Drug factory
Oral sucking drug chains
Idealized victim Joan
Rescuing feminine
All is lost all is lost
All I've ever written
Hans Benway
Mugwump gism
Switching drug recovery
Benway rips open Fedela identity
More feminine
Conspiracy that controls his life
Cigar puddle
32 caliber
Can't write without her
Kills Joan to prove his is a writer
He must sacrifice feminine embrace the identity of homosexual to bring up the inner conflict in order to write.
Cops as guards
Evolution of his cycle, return to pain to write
Glass unbroken
The cup of magical symbology
Gun as sword

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